We do not tolerate spam. Period.

Inbox Connect.com is committed to providing you a positive experience and that includes taking your privacy very seriously. Please read the following to learn more about our privacy policy.


What This Privacy Policy Addresses

Every email that is sent out through Inbox Connect.com is fully compliant with the Can-Spam Act and also equipped with a single click unsubscribe link. We will not allow any third party lists, all contacts MUST be completely opt-in. Inbox Connect also uses a confirmed opt-in (closed loop) system to confirm that only emails specifically requested are sent to people. We have an Abuse Department staffed 24/7 to monitor all outbound emails and address any issues that may arise.

The largest problem concerning email marketing today is unsolicited email (also known as spam). This is something that Inbox Connect.com takes VERY seriously. Our relationships with all the major ISPs around the globe help in our ongoing fight to stop spammers on all fronts while allowing legitimate email marketers to take advantage of the full benefits that email marketing can offer you.

Anti-Spam Policy

inbox Connect.com has a zero tolerance anti-spam policy. We adhere to every word in our anti-spam policies and they are immediately enforced. Customers who comply with our permission opt-in policies are allowed to use the service without incident. Failure to follow our policies will result in the termination of your account.

ISPs & Mail Admins

Spam effects everyone, that is why Inbox Connect.com has taken such a hard stand against spammers. Our relations with major ISPs and email administrators all over the world allows us to take the necessary steps to help preventing unwanted spam. This gives us a heightened monitoring system that works in conjunction with with ISPs.

Contact Us: isp-partners@inboxconnect.com
Report Abuse: abuse@inboxconnect.com

CAN-SPAM Compliance

Every email that gets sent out with Inbox Connect is completely compliant with the latest requirements as set forth in the Can-Spam Act. All emails contain the senders physical address, a link to the privacy policy, as well as a visible one-click unsubscribe link. All emails are equipped with the latest email authentication technology including valid Domain Keys, DKIM, Sender ID, SPF Records and valid rDNS. We are always monitoring the latest guidelines and best practices in the email marketing world and are keeping up to date with all the latest technical updates available.